1. cc

    No Ashton, you aren’t a Fine Arts student either.

  2. TurkusMaximus

    neck hair….is this really a “look”?? Grrrrrrrross!!

  3. kalisynth

    now i can’t decide who would make the better jesus look a like, Ashton or Keanu…

  4. SteveG

    Are those a pack of Red Apples?

  5. why does everyone have to carry their fucking hand computer around? she can’t put it in her duffel bag!

  6. Donald Trump

    Ashton is such a nice guy! Always helping grannys cross the street. Good boy.

  7. Choochoo

    Paparazzi protection? There’s an app for that.

  8. JMS

    It’s nice with so many hollywood divorces out there there’s a couple brave enough to still pretend they’re happily married.

  9. adolf hitler

    nah, its one of those credit card sized magnifying glasses with the little lights built in. you know, for when youre really old and cant read the check.

  10. Between his beard and her pubic thicket, oral has got to be an exercise in Velcro detachment.

  11. Asoto

    She’s using her phone for sun protection, otherwise her face would melt.

  12. Careful Kutch, you’re building a wrinkle.

  13. The Critical Crassness

    This picture is entitled, “The Hag and the Beard”. You can decide which one is which.


    i dont know if its her eggs or bruces sperm that make such fugly kids but please do procreate with her! I dont want to risk it!

  15. Why the long face, Ashton? You’re only a Willis by penetration.

  16. Sin

    She still looks great but what the hell happened to him? Is she one of those creatures that steal the vitality of men to stay young?

  17. cooperanimation

    I really like his beard…
    Not a big fan of the hair on his face though.

  18. Shawn

    It’s nice of him to walk that old lady across the street. Did he get his merit badge yet?

  19. UnholyKrep

    So when did Demi Moore start dating a drifter?

  20. vlad

    she’s taking a picture of her face so she can tell him later what she really thinks of his look

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