1. cc

    Yes, Eddie, we’ve heard ‘the donkey joke’ already.

  2. crazypants

    A tranny just made about $100.

  3. baron of all media

    wuppa cannub, in aww de wong paces… wuppa cannub…

  4. irishboyo

    Know how I know he’s gay? Mesh tank top.

  5. dontlooknow

    Having trouble finding it in there?

  6. Careful, that’s how you knocked up Scary Spice.

  7. BigJim

    *Tranny hooker not shown.

  8. Choochoo

    When in doubt, pinky out!

  9. Didn’t he used to be funny?

  10. zomgbie

    eddie murphy checking to make sure he didnt put his dick where he put his movie career.

  11. Lerxt

    “Now it’s time for a refill… oh, crap it’s the pops…”

  12. ingen haagen daaz

    “fuck. i left my dick out again. my career’s so fucked i can’t afford a seventh child.”

  13. It had to be said

    Drink goes in, tinkle goes out. Drink goes in, tinkle goes out.

  14. Method Roughing

    Who yelled feet? This is like yelling guns around Danny Glover.

  15. That wasn’t what I had in mind when I ordered the Jamba Juice with the “protein boost”, Eddie.


    I like drinking my own piss too!

  17. That explains the lisp.

  18. RevJackson

    Kiss it …. Appppoooolllooogiiiizzzeeeee

  19. Mark R

    Stevie Wonder pulling out his walking cane

  20. Sin

    Ok, I suck this drink with a straw, you suck my dick with your mouth, got it?

  21. dotmatrix

    I thought it was the Old Spice guy. You know, someone who is actually working.

  22. Blech

    Like a frightened turtle!

  23. ihateemo

    He’s a cell phone belt-clip away from looking like a black Michael Lohan.

  24. Frank

    Release the Kraken!

  25. Lita

    He’s thinking “That’s one damn fine looking transvestite.”

  26. vlad

    ‘scuse me while I whip this out

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