1. I'mCool

    High-speed film was able to capture the precise moment the silicone ruptured from her lips.

  2. nomnom

    did she blow bieber?

  3. EricLr

    New Heroin Clear® — All the high, with none of the dirty brown in your needle.

  4. dooood

    i guess she isn’t completely useless.
    if smack were ever to become legal, she could be the spokesperson

  5. cc

    Oh look, it’s the Smack Fairy! If you quit heroine she comes at night to leave methadone under your pillow.

  6. j/k

    The next shot is of her snorting it all back up before it hits the ground.

  7. Bonky

    I guess this proves that men can choose to be homosexual.

  8. infantilized

    This one needs to grow up. I’ve seen that outfit on a four year old.

  9. doode

    i think this is an old pic of her, when she was relevant, sang awesome songs and rocked hard

  10. Franka

    Please; no more, I beg you.

  11. Suddenly Hep-C.

  12. Colin

    The fuck is this? Fairy bukkake?

  13. “Vajazzle. You’re doing it wrong.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt

  14. El Jefe

    Elton John cum all over her face?

  15. kirby

    once in a while, and it’s not often mind you, you can look at an adult and clearly see that that person was not beat nearly enough as a child.

  16. That is a chest that says “Even silicone implants can be repossessed.”.

  17. “No. Courtney. God no. This ISN’T making it rain. Not even close. And for pity’s sake, put your pants back on.”

  18. horshak

    is that a disembodied cum shot?

  19. I feel like Tinkerbell and Barbie had magical, lesbian sex… and the outcome was WAAAYYY different than anyone imagined it would be.

  20. tlmck

    Somewhere, Kim Kardashian just had an orgasm

  21. This explains why Kurt Cobain killed himself…

  22. somerandomchic

    Just.. ..oh god the ears! What the hell is going on with the ears?!

  23. This is the ‘choked on her own vomit’ death photo, right?

  24. Mike701

    This is fun. I am used to it coming from the other direction, and warmer.

  25. Dali

    It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

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