1. baron of all media

    Before & after pics of Bombshell McGee exposure

  2. So, they pair up beauty with a savage? Is it a seating arrangement thing or something?

  3. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Moamar Gadhafi and friend at a charity event…

  4. Heywood Jablowmie

    What, Hugh Hefner’s shriveled Ol’ Mans balls already booked?

  5. Deacon Jones

    This pic has to be a couple years old, MJ has been dead for a while now.

  6. truth be told

    no wonder she never smiles ….. shes ugly

  7. desabrey

    Adam Ant has not aged well!!!

  8. beaumont flamingo iv

    i didn’t know billy idol was remaking his rock the cradle of love video

  9. Where’s Van Helsing when you need him? That’s a goddamn vampire right there! And there’s some old dude with her!


    I dont know why shes smiling. Hes scary as hell!

  11. Colin

    Time for my favorite game… “Where’s Karl Lagerfeld Hiding His Fan?”

  12. Do_Freebird

    Say what you want about Marc Anthony, but at least he’s not letting a few grey hairs drive him crazy.

  13. RHawk

    How many people assume he’s talking about Blake when he says, “My Precious?”

  14. Lerxt

    Hey Lagerfeld, Liberacci wants his outfit back!

  15. Karl Lagerfeld, gay vampire pimp.

  16. kanyeisgay

    I thought David Lee Roth was supposed to be in the studio.

  17. Maybe I’m old school but I think he was more memorable when he wore a simple black robe and carried a sickle.

  18. Ed

    “Uncle” Karl is NOT GAY! He promises fame to young female models who blow him! Bwaha!

    Seriously though, he’s one creepy looking fuck

  19. Well, time to hand in my man-card… I recognized Karl Lagerfeld but had no idea that the chick was Blake Lively. In my defense, he kinda stands out.

  20. dontlooknow

    Jeeezuz they dug up Michael Jackson!!

  21. Chickets

    I understand it’s costume, but “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is never chic.

  22. Ismoss

    Billy Idol looks like shit.

  23. brian

    Corey Feldman is going a little too far with the Michael Jackson impersonation.

  24. Josephus

    They were right, those bin Laden death photos *are* gruesome.

  25. vlad

    I think they mixed up the caption…should say “Screen Capture from latest Twilight installment”

  26. Fish, are you there? I’m about to ruin your life: Picture her swallowing his load.

  27. Lagerfeld is going the Noskcaj Leachim way – the older he get’s, the less white he looks.

  28. How did a photo negative from Blacula get in here?

  29. farnsnarf

    Ke$ha looks better than usual here. The chick on the left isn’t half-bad either.

  30. The spider tie tac put this outfit over the top, otherwise he looks perfectly age appropriate.

  31. Throjo

    Wow, this “Weekend at Bernie’s” revamp is looking all kinds of classy.

  32. UnholyKrep

    Sgt. Pepper, apparently in mourning.

  33. BigJim

    Don Cherry lost some weight.

  34. Black

    I’m sorry, but you cannot deny that he looks EXACTLY like Mok from Rock and Rule.

  35. Risotto

    Wow that is an old man standing next to a young woman. I hope they aren’t having sex!

  36. kimmykimkim

    Karl Lagerfeld is really just Prince in reverse.

  37. SteveG

    You will kneel before me Jor-El. You, and one day…YOUR HEIRS!!!

  38. I bet he sticks a wax replica in his seat and buggers off. No one would ever know.

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