1. baron of all media

    Proving once again that wearing a bluetooth can transform you from lovable to asswipe in under 5 seconds.

  2. LL Cool J has been getting a lot of sun lately.

  3. Calgurry

    “OOOOOHHH YEAAAAA” *breaks through wall*

  4. Hey Rerun! Where’s Dwany and Raj? Hey, Hey Hey!


    I loved the time him and Raj met the Doobie Brothers

  6. Tiger Woods was mortified.

  7. Pico Mornay

    John Coffey Kick Ass!!!!!!!

  8. Check out his left ear. This one’s been tagged.

  9. Jovy

    I love this guy, great actor.

  10. Bladder infection or not, if this guy cured me by grabbing my balls I’d be sounding like Duffy on helium for the rest of my life.

  11. It had to be said

    Between the bluetooth and the swinging Jesus chain I think that Duncan might not have known what “golf” was. Surprising, since Duncan *is* a Scottish name.

  12. Is this Uhuru?

  13. cc

    “Hey buddy you like like a big poof in tha…”

  14. Mike Styles®

    When did the 100 Grand candy bar get a face?

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