1. birth control glasses fail.

  2. Star Droppings

    Who knew the hotter half of this couple was Jason Sudeikis?

  3. Bad shirt, weird angles, combined with utter and complete lack of abdominal exercises.


    Thats Bobby Flay’s kid!

  5. Colin

    I’m pretty sure that’s the same look she gives someone in X-Men when she kills them with her mind.

  6. Must have been free mini-basketball day at the game.

  7. Holy deer-caught-in-the-headlights. Did she think no one would recognize her in her clever disguise of… glasses? Lady, you ain’t no Clark Kent.

  8. chupacabra

    Maybe her contacts are bothering her while she’s pregnant. Just sayin. Also, she’s still hotter than any of those fucking “teen-moms”

  9. Lady, my dad wants his glasses back.

  10. fransnarf

    Jason Sudeikis was pretty bummed when the notebook she held up in the window said “I’m pregnant”.

  11. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls


  12. It had to be said

    She’s such a big star that the dude behind her is taking his own picture with someone else. Look everyone, I’m at a Lakers game! Her? I dunno, Buddy Holly?

    • cc

      Dang, and I figured I’d be the first person to notice that.

      Maybe he’s saying ‘Hey, I am here by myself, would you mind taking a picture of me?’

  13. after the game, she went off and did some arc welding.

  14. Wow. You look like a smart slut.

  15. cc

    She’s thinking ‘Now, I remember the guy who knocked me up said he liked baseball, so maybe if I show up here and look around, I will recognize him.’

  16. kimmykimkim

    Nerd Alert.

  17. kimmykimkim

    Why does she look so terrified? Is it ’cause that dude with the Lady GaGa wristband is trying to abduct her? She shouldn’t be so scared. He’s probably gay and just wants to take her shopping for some women’s glasses.

  18. She thinks the glasses will divert attention from her pregnancy. Except now instead of just pregnant I see her as pretentious and pregnant. Good work, Jan.

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