1. Two more anonymous skanks I had to Google. Thank you, Photo Boy, for putting an educational spin on the site.

  2. baron of all media

    Whichever one of these floozies is on the left better be security detail for the one on the right so nothing EVER happens to her. Because me likey!!!

  3. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Chick on the left looks like the drawing part of Rebecca Black, no?

  4. Polk

    Hot and Not Hot sisters.

  5. SIN

    Look them up for their bikini vacation photos. You will all cum in your pants.

  6. Jester

    This is how I always fantasized Mary Kate and Ashley would look when they growed up instead of the coked up skeletors they are.

  7. I would come to the club wanting to get with the one on the right, but I know I’d end up getting drunk and smashing the one on the left.

  8. Ed

    Damn, the one on the right is a babe. How are they related. The left one looks like she not only was hit by multiple ugly trees, but was also skull fucked by them.

    Poor girl!

  9. sexyman48

    Somehow the one on the left used to be a model according to wikipedia and they never lie.

  10. Do_Freebird

    Young Hollywood? It looks more like young Mustang Ranch Nevada.

  11. The faces of meth, After and After.

  12. so this is what the CW is paying $40,000 an episode for. I think they were duped by some powerful magic.

  13. TomFrank

    Aly & AJ? Is it 2006 again?

  14. dontlooknow

    Double your disease!

  15. There’s a magazine called Nylon? Really?

  16. Grow up already

    Well it looks like gray hair is in again…

  17. cc

    Theres a million bar skanks that look like the one on the left. However, the one on the right is cordially invited to experience by prodigious oral skills.

  18. It had to be said

    You guys all have it wrong. The one on the right is hotter, so you go for the one with no self-respect on the left. That’s how evolution works. Go after the sick and the weak.

  19. Charmless Man

    It’s sad that porn stars at the AVN Awards are classier than these two.

  20. SIN

    Forner Disney stars. Typical.

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