1. baron of all media

    Julian Lennon looks great for 16 in gay age.

  2. He has that thousand-yard stare you get from attending slumber parties at Neverland Ranch with your older brother.

  3. reformed_druid

    Is he wearing make-up? Very badly done make-up.

  4. doogleberg

    Damn…if they ever make a movie about Zeppelin’s early years this kid’s got the Jimmy Page role wrapped up.

  5. I remember watching him play “Tiptoe through the tulips” on the old Gong Show.

  6. taint stubble

    the singer for Darkness has gained a few L-beez

  7. The good news is, nobody will mistake you for your brother. The bad news is, well, probably the same as the good news. Now go release a new Megadeth album, you fuckhead.

  8. kimmykimkim

    At first, I was thinking, what’s wrong with this dude/thing? Then I realized he is a Culkin, and all my questions were then answered.

  9. Ed

    Too bad Michael Jackson’s not alive. He would have had a field day with this Culkin as well. Or is he too old??

  10. I thought Tiny Tim was dead.

  11. tmfvaughan

    Wow. He is one ugly fucker.

  12. MrsWrong

    I saw the thumbnail and thought it was a mug shot. Turns out he only LOOKS like a serial killer

  13. Meh. I’d do her.

  14. wow

    Aloha, Mr. Hand.

  15. Montana

    Damn, Jonah Hill HAS lost a shit-ton of weight…

  16. Arzach

    This chick is ugly

  17. Juice

    Man Jonah Hill really did lose a lot of weight.

  18. Undercover

    Mila Kunis would hit that.


    Who’s May Young?

  20. tlmck

    Love child of a Charles Manson conjugal visit.

  21. Choochoo

    Not convinced that this isn’t just Macaulay realizing that he’s never banging Mila Kunis again.

  22. eee

    he looks like he had one side of his face flipped over and placed on the other side.

  23. Sarah

    Must be uncomfortable whenever he goes around to introduce himself to the neighbors every time he moves. Megan’s Law requirements.

  24. Richard McBeef

    When did YouTube start advertising in mug shots?

  25. floridahoya

    Do they make bleach for your eyes?

  26. Dawson

    Weird Al is aging backwards!

  27. BigJim

    He got all the talent in that family. Wait, who is this?

  28. vlad

    Thought at first this was the Culkin that played Scott Pilgrim’s gay room mate, Wallace. Then I remembered that was Kieran Culkin…Christ, there’s almost as many Culkins as Baldwins!

  29. cc

    He looks about half the teachers I had in public school.

  30. It had to be said

    I love when they find the high school yearbook pictures for celebrities. Who knew that this guy would grow up to be Weird Al Yankovich?

  31. Eowyn finally went brunette. I guess she had to do something after slaying the Witch King.

  32. Steelerchick

    Darlene! Roseanne is looking for you!!

  33. Hemlock

    I’m scared…..

  34. Charmless Man

    I see Thom York got that lazy eye fixed.

  35. Deryn

    Please God please please God some Culkin some day writes a book about whatever the HELL happened inside that family. I imagine something Manson-esque. Except the only thing that’s killed are little children’s souls.

  36. sdfdsjsi

    He looks hot

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