1. Deacon Jones

    “No, seriously, I’m not Jewish!”

  2. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    P*enis van L*esbian

    • sparkymcgee

      Awesome Family Guy reference


      • TomFrank

        Yeah, except Mary Tyler Moore told the “Penis Van Lesbian” joke on Letterman back in 1990, and the nickname purportedly goes back 50 years as a backstage gag on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

        Not everything was invented by Family Guy. Stuff happened before you were born, you know.

      • Meggiemeg

        I love you.

  3. For being 200 years old, he looks pretty good. But then vertical would look good at his age.

  4. Jester

    Is and always was a funny guy.

  5. Shawn

    “Stay thirsty my friends”

  6. Class act all the way. Side note – His name is a great entry for Charades.

  7. Choochoo

    Would rather see him high kick than Kirstie Alley. He’s a better showman fo sho.


    Aw hell, I like him.

  9. dotmatrix

    Dick is the cat’s ass. He rocks.

  10. flea

    the guy is a classic. great entertainer.

  11. floridahoya

    Apparently it’s true what they say – your nose and ears never stop growing

  12. Colin

    Gotta love DvD. But there’s no way his nose isn’t a tumor.

  13. vlad

    He looks far better at 85 than Peter O’Toole does at 78

  14. Oz Matters

    Kudos Sir – - a good life lived

  15. UnholyKrep

    Nice guy- and remember, he probably knocked out Mary Tyler Moore AND Julie Andrews back when they were young fresh and hot.

    On second thought, hate this bastid with all my being.

  16. Ismoss

    I would have bet a full on tongue kiss with Paris Hilton he was dead, whew glad I didnt make that bet.

  17. And in the end, even Gandalf fell victim to the metrosexual craze.

  18. DeucePickle

    Dick Van Dyke is a bad mother fucker

  19. It had to be said

    My first real boner was watching his show. Thankfully it was Laura Petrie in pedal-pushers that did it for me and not that show kick . . .

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