1. baron of all media

    Nylon magazine is a magazine about dead horses that refuse to die? Subscribe!!!

  2. baron of all media

    Nylon Magazine is a mag about dead horses that aren’t dead yet but would be if our god wasn’t a merciless ahole?

  3. doogleberg

    She looks better than ever…and that’s still not worth a shit.

  4. Method Roughing

    What if Kathy was hired as a chaperone, would that justify her presence at the “Young Hollywood Party”?

  5. SIN

    The Original Fame Whore.

  6. She gets better looking every day. And by that I mean yesterday she was in a bikini, and today I can see much less of her.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    What is worse than seeing pics of her?
    Listening to her. Go away Ginger.

  8. hbw

    Looks like someone needs to change their outfit & tampon.

  9. Just giving Joan Rivers a freebee on this one, eh?

  10. dontlooknow

    Ugly dress, crazy face.

  11. Choochoo

    Appears someone didn’t realize that this party did not have a Star Wars theme. May the 4th be with her.

  12. I hear tomorrow night she’s going to be at the opening of a phone booth.

  13. honey

    She looks like a guy.

  14. Colin

    What’s the point in getting a boob job if you’re going to wear shit that makes you look less top heavy than the Situation?

  15. vlad

    Whew! The ugly dress is a distraction from her hideous face!

  16. bassackwardbo

    She needs a “Bin-Laden”….. 2 good shots, and a splash of water!

  17. Tip Your Veal

    Carrot Twat

  18. UnholyKrep

    Gollum in evening wear. What a country.

  19. It had to be said

    Wow. That dress is a great example of recycling. Some kind of party dress cut up and sewn to an old T shirt?

  20. Steelerchick

    Is it kick a Ginger day yet???

  21. Charmless Man

    Her nose looks like the key that Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element stuck out of his finger.

  22. Chuck Bass

    I see that Carrot-top straightened his hair.

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