1. hmna

    Leonard Nimoy?

  2. sexyman48

    Did he get dressed in the dark?

  3. doogleberg

    Looking at him usually confuses me, but for some reason I feel like Jeff Goldblum’s attire is painfully appropriate for Jeff Goldblum.

  4. baron of all media

    Dude is awesome. Moving on….

  5. If he were trying to go incognito, the mustache attached to that nose and glasses should have been larger.

  6. Jeff is finally growing into his wardrobe. He’s dressed like an old Jewish man since he was 20 years old, it’s almost starting to make sense.

  7. This goes to show how as long as you stay lanky, you can wear any crazy shit you like until age 200.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    I literally JUST bought this same outfit.
    I was hoping to get out of jury duty next week.

  9. Robert

    Dude looks like a Latin American Gangster.

  10. Didn’t he wear this when he joined Buckaroo Banzai’s band?

  11. “Hey Jeff, who dressed you?”

    “Chaos theory.”

    • cc

      That was awesome

      Seriously though, who the f would even have all these clothes in their closet, let alone where them at the same time.

  12. Say what you will, he’s still been with more women than every male commenter on this thread combined.

  13. justsayin

    his wife is 23.. and is exceedingly hot.

  14. justsayin

    oops. significant other. either way he wakes up with her in the morning…

  15. Choochoo

    Wait… so when he got eaten in Jurassic Park… that wasn’t real?

    • NikkitaSpanxxx

      He never got eaten in Jurassic Park you tool! You are thinking about the blood sucking lawyer, donald. Duh.

  16. floridahoya

    Is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy still around? If so they have a Code Red alert!

  17. It’s the brendle-fly..

  18. Hausdrache

    I would totally marry that shnoz. Absolutely.

  19. He dressed better as The Fly.

  20. Kyle Butler

    Lanky hipster oompa loompa

  21. c-h

    must. go. faster.

  22. DonDopey

    His aim is true.

  23. Courtballs

    Law & Order: Senoir Citizen’s Edition!

  24. Hola

    Jeff is the shit!

  25. bethy

    Quit freaking out. He’s just stoned. That is a stoned man’s choice in attire.

  26. lili

    When you look like Jeff Goldblum you can really wear whatever you want.

  27. Steelerchick

    When’s the flood??

  28. monster

    “Ian Malcolm demonstrates Chaos Theory as it relates to fashion.”

  29. chupacabra

    Nerdcore, and hot. Hard to combine those two successfully, but the man’s fly. gotta admit.

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