1. sexyman48

    Head fat is the hardest weight to lose.

  2. I’m sick of all these furloughs they keep giving John Hinckley Jr.

  3. Polk

    Once the fat funny guy is no longer fat, he’s not funny.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    So now that you lost weight, how about losing the fake glasses that make you look smart, too.

  5. Up next, Jesse Eisenberg on the set Remington Steele.

  6. Method Roughing

    Don’t get any ideas Hollywood, I don’t want to see another “Stand by me”.

  7. TomFrank

    “My client is the beneficiary of angles and weird shirts.”


    That”s a dead ringer for my 50 yr old, fucked up loser brother!

  9. Milf

    Jonah, did you ever stop to think that if Jackie Gleason lost a ton of weight, he still wouldn’t have gotten those Cary Grant roles… go have a pizza before you can’t afford to buy one.

  10. Man, Buddy Holly’s gained a ton of weight.

  11. floridahoya

    he lost weight but not enough to be attractive

  12. BigJim

    No it’s not 21 Jump Street they’re remaking. It’s Life Goes On. He plays Corky.

  13. vlad

    so freakin’ tired of the Hollywood Machine churning out remake after remake, reboot after reboot. Stop the madness so Jonah Hill has to go back to working at the drive thru!

  14. UnholyKrep

    Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you:

    The man on the grassy knoll.

  15. Seat Filler

    I freakin’ love Barnaked Ladies

  16. Charmless Man

    I bet his chest looks like a sad, droopy nutsack.

  17. Meggiemeg

    No, he hasn’t lost weight, he lost his fat mop.

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