1. jim eh

    That woman is like the ugliest person on earth, it must not be easy to look like a hippopotamus.

  2. J

    Courtney Love?

  3. pdan

    That’s not a camel toe, that’s the whole damn camel.

  4. No sweetie, the cardboard box goes over your head.

  5. Deacon Jones

    Looks like Zsa Zsa is doing better

  6. baron of all media

    Last laugh: David Silver. And it ain’t close.

  7. That crown makes her look like a Greek Nature Goddess. That is to say, she looks three thousand years old.

  8. Bucky Barnes

    Apparently there are pictures making the circuit of pregnant Tori wearing a bikini. Thank-you for not posting those.

  9. Polk

    Some poor guy married her just for the money.

    And, at some point , he realized its not worth it. He’s trapped now.

  10. I’d make some cruel comment about her face, or her “worst boob job ever” award, or the fact that without daddy’s money she’d be pouring coffee at Starbucks, and not the good one at the mall, the crappy one at the truck stop…but there’s nothing I could say that would be more meanspirited than the reality of simply posting photos of her online.

  11. cagster

    Shit. I would say ‘lipstick on a pig’ but that would imply some improvement.

  12. Noooooooooo i can has back to melaniegriff plz!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Thank God it rubbed the lotion on itself.

  14. MrsWrong


  15. Tits MacGinty

    Miss Piggy Lives !

  16. Just out of frame: Angry villagers with pitchforks.

  17. I see her nipples are still trying to connect.

  18. Choochoo

    You have to admit that incorporating a beer holder into your boob job was kind of a genius move, in theory.

  19. tlmck

    I guess it’s not true that all women get that pregnant “glow”.

  20. dotmatrix


  21. I don’t know… it doesn’t really look like Jonah Hill lost all that much weight.

  22. Maeby

    Is she pregnant AGAIN?

  23. floridahoya

    apparently money doesn’t buy you happiness. or good looks.

  24. UnholyKrep

    Oompah loompah, off the clock.

  25. cc

    She was supposed to drink from the wooden cup. THE WOODEN CUP.

  26. dick swells

    ach stand back ten feet, her fingers are about to explode…..

  27. rockupied

    You know they say sometimes people begin to look like their pets . . . totes.

  28. It had to be said

    She doesn’t still have a show does she? Because that is just so damned disturbing. I mean, it’s not just that she looks ruff, it’s that she makes these bizarre, terrible decisions. Just terrible.

  29. Is this a screen-capture from Real Housewives of Star Wars? I hear Jar-Jar’s mom is a real bitch.

  30. lili

    Didn’t know she was pregnant. She’s surely gonna have one beautiful tadpol- baby. I meant baby.

  31. Charmless Man

    I have to say, there is a certain synchronicity between her face and her body. And probably her soul too.

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