1. sexyman48

    “I got my backstage pass right here.”

  2. reformed_druid

    In the photo, I think he’s flipping someone off.

  3. Jester

    The Hoff broke and homeless, dons his Baywatch wardrobe to scalps tickets outside for cheesburgers.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Hoff, dude. Please just drink yourself to death already would ya.
    You leapfrogged Lohan on my Dead Pool years ago and I need to cash in.

  5. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    THE HOFF!!!!!

  6. Cam

    How the hell is he still allowed around kids?


  7. Michael, you’re scaring the children…Michael!

  8. Choochoo

    “Can you believe it? No one even recognized me!”


    He appears to be the only one having a good time. What a shit grand opening? Was the fat girl from Facts of Life not available?

    • Squishy

      Honestly! Stuck in perpetual “Baywatch” mode…”but they worship me in Japan!”…remember me folks!!

  10. Cock Dr

    Does he appeal to anyone? How does he continue to get jobs?

  11. Arzach

    -”Look! when I was young I also had a weird shape and looked odd”-

  12. vlad

    This is a picture of me flipping the bird at all of you!

  13. Who’s got more mileage on their reproductive organ, him or Pamela Anderson? My vote is with the Hoff. The man’s a stud.

  14. I see Douchebaggery

    He carries these round so when he’s outta cash and in need of a drink, he writes IOUs to bartenders on them.

  15. c-h

    everyone around him is wrinkling their noses at the horrible vodka and cigar stench coming off of him….

  16. UnholyKrep

    How the mighty have fallen- this is the guy that sang at the Fall of The Berlin Wall in an electric suit. And I didn’t make that up.

  17. “Sir, if you want to ride Baywatch Experience, you’ll either have to produce a real Fastpass, or wait in line like everyone else. Who do you think you are, Pamela Anderson?”

  18. bethy

    But they’re FREE!

  19. It had to be said

    And you know, he still looks better than Pam Anderson these days . . .

  20. cc

    We know you were young once Hoff. Everyone was.

  21. Steelerchick

    See !!! I’m no homo!!!!

  22. Charmless Man

    Even he’s amazed at how awesome the guy in the photo is.

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