1. Josephus

    “That plane? You want me to board that plane and take it back? For America? Got it!”

  2. “Ova there, Tommy. Your mom is ova dere… Say hi to her for me!”

  3. If you wait long enough, birds land on your finger.

  4. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Ein fuckhead, Ein ‘roidhead, Ein douchebag.

  5. CK

    Is he training his penis to point?

  6. Swearin


    “The defendant didn’t say hello to your mutha for me.”

  7. Bonky

    Marky Mark just rockin’ out to some serious Justin Bieber hip hop on his iPod.

  8. ureye

    wasnt chris brown in this same hotel with some hookers?

  9. cc

    If you are listening to your own armpit, it’s time to close up the minibar.

  10. He’s pointing at Tom Cruise on the other balcony.

  11. “My Gaydah is sayin’ we need to go to that balcony ova theah.”

  12. “OK, I’ve got my finger set to “stun”…now what?”

  13. Coyote

    Say Hello to your Mother for Me

  14. EricLr

    Look, Mr. Pec, it’s a schooner!

  15. Raoul

    Day 3: “So. Tired. Somebody. Please: Pull my finger…”

  16. Fresh Tuna

    When they make a statue of me this is the pose I want. Actor, poet, underwear model. I complete me.

  17. Jill Trades

    Is he wearing tear-aways? If so… awesome.

  18. Dali

    It’s just a good vibraaatttionnnn… it’s such a sweeeeet sen-sayyy-ssshhhhuuuuunnnnn!

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