1. it had to be said

    Hulk dress smash boobs!

  2. Josephus

    Dear Ms. Love Hewitt,

    Thanks for the dress. I made a few alterations. You like?

    Bar Paly

  3. Bonky

    Bandage dresses are for chicks with bodies. YOU FAIL !

  4. cc

    That dress offers access to untold riches.

  5. Crissy

    Boring!!! That tank top it too long!

  6. 4urinfo

    whats the point of that dress. if you really want that much attention just go out in your bra and panties

  7. Josephus

    Question: is “Bar” like the go-to hot chick name in Israel? Like, personally, I’ve never met an ugly “Ashley” in my life. It’s a hot chick name. I’m thinking “Bar” is the Israeli version of “Ashley.” There was no point to this comment. Sorry.

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