1. Akiyama

    What the fuck happened to her? Holy crap

  2. Deacon Jones

    I loved that video of her dancing in the mirror naked. What a little slut

  3. Erin Andrews was quoted as saying: “I was so bored at this thing that I ate my own right breast”

  4. “Toga party my ash, I wuds the only one dreshed up!”

  5. Woof

    I thought that Linda Hogan didn’t go anywhere without Charlie.

  6. It had to be said

    Baby, here’s five dollars. Go get momma some Wild Turkey . . .

  7. andrea owens

    Xyz Trump! And I thought ur face was ugly!

  8. Josephus

    You know that dude in the background is like “This is my chance!”

    Guess we know where Fish went for vacation…

  9. baron of all media

    Sharon Stone’s boobs look great, but my boner from 1999 does not.

  10. From working behind a peephole to working a gloryhole in one year flat.

  11. cc

    I’ve never seen a woman wretch into her purse before. Looks like I missed it again.

  12. Drundel

    Implants or a good bra?

  13. Cruella de Vil with Tittaaaaays.

  14. HH

    Try Correspondents’.,,

  15. Earlier in the night, Erin was heard to have said “I’d give my right tit for a drink”

  16. Jester

    Yup I can definitely see nipple!!

  17. tlmck

    She is asking: “Does anybody know where my feet are?”

  18. Mark

    Um, the event is called “The White House Correspondents Dinner”, not Correspondence…..

    The dinner for the people who are correspondents at the White House.

  19. kingpear

    I’d still hit it!

  20. tank

    not sure thats her

  21. Gerbil in my Butt

    So she’s hammered .. so what! Awesome rack!

  22. Dutch

    “It puts the lotion in the basket . . . “

  23. Biff

    Looks like Joe Perry in drag.

  24. Charmless Man

    I don’t know guys, I think Meg Mucklebones cleans up OK.

  25. Alaran

    And after Blake Lively heard Lindsay Lohan was stealing roles from her, she too began to hit the gargoyle juice.

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