1. TyroneBiggums


    What I wouldn’t do for that.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I’m liking Photo Boy’s taste in women!


  3. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit man, I just googled this girls pics and they are outstanding!

    Why the fuck is this the first I heard of her???

  4. PaddyC

    Based on these pictures of the guests, I guess the ‘White House Correspondence Dinner’ celebrates Obama’s frequent letters to Penthouse Forum.

  5. Woof

    Apparently the White House to which these refer is the dot com, rather than the dot gov.

  6. Josephus

    If this kind of tail showed up and Bill Clinton’s White House dinners, Al Gore would have gotten the presidency via Bill’s head exploding during dessert.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Dude, this chick’s 18 frigging years old….and her tits are ginormous.

    She officially has a new stalker.

  8. I wonder if Sean Penn got to finger-diddle her, while he was tongue-fucking Scarlett Johansson’s throat.

  9. Her website says she’s the next big supermodel. That’s ominous.

  10. Arzach

    Legal teenager with big tits, THANKS!

  11. DKNY

    Wonder if Bill Clinton was at this dinner…

  12. That one’s going in the spank bank.

  13. Photo Boy is clearly a fan of the “Hot Mess”.

  14. cc

    By the looks of her hair, she’s been Upton no good.

  15. TomFrank

    Everyone behind her is watching Sean fucking Scarlett on the floor.

  16. I’m gonna try for that Kate Upton girl
    She’s been living in her white bread world
    As long as anyone with hot blood can
    And now she’s looking for a downtown man…

  17. castallare

    Did we need a poor man’s Elisha Cuthbert? And isn’t that just redundant?

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