1. Deacon Jones

    (wrenches arm)

    “What the FUCK did I tell you about walking next to my fat ass?!”

  2. CptCreep

    TANK ASS!!!

  3. It had to be said

    ANGLES! ANGELS! Jesus Christ it was the AAANNNGGLLLEESSSS!!! Why won’t anyone believe me?

  4. andrea owens

    Ok ok! I’ll go shopping with you just please let go of my arm!

  5. Cock Dr

    Stay out of their way. Women who wear flats while they’re shopping shouldn’t be fucked with. It’s serious business.

  6. Are those MC Hammer’s old pants?

  7. baron of all media

    From the back she looks like a pretty girl in a sweater wearing the Milky Way galaxy.

  8. Apparently not (see comment on previous post).

  9. Superficial Bitch

    “What about my butt?! Look at it! You can’t take your eyes off it, can you?! It’s hypnotic! Try to look away! You can’t look away! Try to look away! You can’t! Look at it! Look at it! Did you know – did you know, that my butt has the power to heal? Put a wilted flower near my butt. It blooms! I don’t claim to understand it, I’m only its servant!”

  10. Ksurfiws

    I think I know where Osama Bin Laden is hiding!
    …awwww, shit.

  11. Holy ass of doom, Batman!!!

  12. Shiny Stuff

    That looks like Kirstey Alley from behind. Oh god tell me she’s not vagazzeled.

  13. ‘Hey, get back here! I’m not done using you as a human shield yet!..No, no don’t call the police, I’m Jennifer Love Hewitt!..No? Ghost Whisperer? No? Can’t Hardly Wait?.. No? (Starts crying) I’m just so tired.. and fat..and..hungry… Do you have any chocolate??’

  14. DKNY

    M.C. Hewitt?

    Can’t touch this!

  15. I thought it was ‘shop til you drop’, not ‘shop til your boobs & ass drop’

  16. That reminds me, did you know the moon appears larger now than it has in 18 years?

  17. Jon Hex

    I Know What You Ate Last Summer

  18. Photo Boy, this is not how it’s done in “the crap I missed”…you don’t put two photos of the same train wreck…pick one, and move on. This is the lightning round of cruel internet commentary!

  19. cc

    Hey, remember that time we were setting up the kitchen tent and it collapsed and we were left flailing around underneath?

  20. vlad

    Is JLH performing a citizen’s arrest on her shopping buddy?

  21. tlmck

    It is just too sad to comment on.

  22. Blackness

    Frump and Frumper.

  23. brennan haley

    You’re even hotter than your EHarmony profile and then when you said that my skirt for sure made me look like a total anorexic and you could care less about my residuals and … why the fuck are your fingers crossed?

  24. With careful manipulation of her gigantic ass cheeks, she can play the star spangled banner after a Taco Bell binge.

  25. Michelle

    Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

  26. Taylor

    She has a new profession for her failing acting career. First grade teacher: wardrobe included.

  27. Despite her best efforts, the poor woman could not get her arm to resist the gravitational pull of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass.

  28. Steelerchick

    boom boom boom boom!!!

  29. Charmless Man

    Party of Five.
    Setting for One.

  30. cc

    Human shields, if they are good enough for Love Hewitt, they are good enough for Osama.

  31. cc

    JLH walks into a bar, what does the bartender say?

    “Pull up some stools, I’ll serve you in minute.”

  32. seals

    I see she’s been shopping from the Kirstie Alley collection

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