1. Cock Dr

    Photoboy seems fond of the female leg structure. That will probably go over well with the site’s regulars.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    what a little whore. outstanding!

  3. Drew

    Have to give kudo’s to the stepdad that paved her way through life.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Stop the press, who is that?!

  5. …ok, now if you could just bend over and pick up the quarter on the floor in front of you… perfect!!

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Believe it or not, without the heels she’d only come up to Peter’s Dinklage…

  7. I’d take Hef’s seconds!

  8. SIN

    Does she work at that nightclb? If so, I’m there!

  9. It had to be said

    Oh my. I have that nightmare too! You know, the one where you forget to put pants on . . .

  10. First page of “How to look cheap for dummies”.

  11. baron of all media

    Why is this girl not already imprisoned in my basement?!?!

  12. She was in Playboy’s girls of the pac-10? Wow, beauty and brains! I’ll bet she majored in one of the really hard fields, like speech communications. I know for a fact that the Rhodes committee was devastated when she turned down their scholarship.

  13. Holy crap… New hotness. She is FINE!

  14. Arzach

    WOW! that’s what this post was needing to get things up (mine is up now)

  15. Mizuno

    She dresses like Jem from that 80′s cartoon.

  16. Ryan Seacrest has been there. Pass.

  17. If this look does it for you, then you will happy to know that underage hookers are plentiful, and easily roofied.

  18. cc

    Hell. Yes.

  19. Monch Jose

    Did she ditch the implants? I dig her either way…

  20. The Critical Crassness

    Finally a picture of a hot young woman..who cars what she is or does!

  21. tlmck

    “I looked in my closet and only had this little old tank top to wear”.

    Works for me.

  22. Damn

    Dat ass?

  23. Yes. That is all.

  24. oj

    MOAR please

  25. marcus

    damn…sarah’s back. my erection approves.

  26. Steelerchick

    How much does she charge??

  27. cc

    So, not only is Ryan Seacrest dating Julianne Hough, before that he dated this girl two years?!!!

    (pressing the barrel harder against my temple)

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