1. Now that’s a doggy bag of appropriate size for her.

  2. Her Spanx are peeling off…

  3. It had to be said

    Remember when this NEVER would have been missed and you would have clicked in the NSFW star to see this? This is your life, Jess.

  4. Dutch

    Jesssica Simpson suddenly realizing she’s Jessica Simpson.

  5. Grill Chef: He’s not done yet!
    Roman: It might take him a moment for that last bite to go down, but it will go down!
    Grill Chef: That ain’t the last bite!
    Roman: Well sure it is, there is nothing on that plate but gristle and fat!
    [the Chef raises his eyebrows]
    Roman: No Problem. If i can get a dessert down him, think you can throw in a couple of Paul Bunyan hat’s for the kids?

  6. She looks like she’s in a food coma.

  7. Arzach

    She ate the whole place

  8. A dose of mad cow disease has given her mind clarity.

  9. Clear-a-way! She gots the meat-sweats!

  10. Looks like someone didn’t have to pay for her meal after ordering the “72oz steak, eat it and it’s free” special.

    Either that, or she shit herself as she was sitting down.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    Well, we now know why Jennifer carries that humongous purse! It is where she hides the other 3 steaks she ordered as takeout. It also hides her “lady parts” when she falls drunkenly into the car. So, the damn thing better be huge!

  12. vlad

    OMG, is that a twinkie on the ground?

  13. tlmck

    What exactly has she done lately other that let the paparazzi know where she’s going to be?

  14. Still hotter than 99% of the women who post here

  15. UnholyKrep

    And somewhere, Nick Lachey…. laughs.

    A lot.

  16. bethy

    She still has “fork-hand.”

  17. “Why do I have to leave? They said it was an ALL you can eat buffet!”

  18. Charmless Man

    I’m sorry. I just can’t comment. It’s low lying fruit. Or rather meat.

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