1. Someone help me, I can’t think up a K-fed joke on short call.

  2. His face looks like K-Fed’s nutsack has a mohawk.

  3. Douche douche baby

  4. andrea owens

    Plastic Toupee?

  5. “Who’s ready for the new Dumb & Dumber series?”

  6. It had to be said

    Lowry Hotel? Oh, wait, that’s the Low Rent Motel. Out by the airport.

  7. Cock Dr

    Vanilla Ice has turned into a retarded Romulan.

  8. MrsWrong

    He has the smallest soul patch I’ve ever seen…how appropriate.

  9. I can describe it now! That alien I saw looked like the body of Dr. Dre with the head of Vanilla Ice

  10. DeucePickle

    Does NOT work out with Dre

  11. baron of all media

    Gotta give him credit. It ain’t easy making Flavor Flav look cool.

  12. Other posters say, “damn,” but if awesome was a drug, he’d sell it by the gram.

  13. DiddyK

    “someone knows who I am… and they’re taking my picture… YAY!”

  14. Splice II, Starring Daniel Day Lewis and a cloning procedure gone horribly wrong.

  15. Arzach

    K-Fed is his biggest fan, literally!

  16. Well, it’s only natural that he leave the hotel once his shift in the Laundry is over.

  17. Hide your television.

  18. Look at that hair! He should tattoo bolts on his neck and call himself Stankenstein.

  19. “I’m THIS close to making a comeback”

  20. At the end of the day he has to live with the fact that he got beat down by Willis.

  21. Wasn’t he doing a home remodeling show on Home and Gay TV last I heard?

  22. cc

    Pffft, ya right, that hair makes you look like Spock.

  23. The Critical Crassness

    Old white rappers never die! They just turn into handymen!

  24. vlad

    Lots of plastic hair people in this edition of CIM

  25. dogonabone

    low maintenance LEGO snap-on hair.

  26. Looks like he got a rug from the props department at Wallace and Gromit.

  27. Todd

    What is my landscaper doing on The Superficial?

  28. brennan haley

    So it’s true that Simon Cowell got all buffed up to star in that TV show about a cowboy with invisible guns, huh? Bugger me.

  29. hh

    Wooly Willy is bald as a coot, use the magnetic pen and iron filings to give him whatever hair or whiskers you like!

  30. I hope he had an IRA.

  31. Steelerchick

    Nice lid Lou

  32. Charmless Man

    Can he just die so we can start fondly remembering him already?

  33. castallare

    Now how in the hell did he afford plane tickets to the UK on a janitor’s salary?

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