1. Woof

    She was one abortion away from making the cast of Teen Mom.

  2. SIN

    Its a 2 for 1 Special!

  3. It had to be said

    I can’t believe you blew the entire staff to get us out of that check!

    Gurgle gurgle

  4. “Oh Hugh, your testicles taste so good in my mouth. How do you get them to dangle so low?”
    “Those aren’t my testicles, they’re my ass cheeks.”

  5. Undercover

    Does her shirt say “Gonorrhea”?

  6. Whore? Skank? Slut? Tramp? Douchebag? Cum-guzzling queen?

    Sorry, her shirt said “Guess”.

  7. Can’t be her. It’s an actual candid shot.

  8. cc

    I ask you, does that look like a high mileage skank?

  9. cc

    Of course you still have a pulse, I told you all that ancient semen wouldn’t kill you.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Where’s her boyfriend? Out with a hot white chick?

  11. “Oh my god you’re RIGHT! You DON”T have a pulse!”

  12. ?? ohhh…. didn’t recognise her without the power ranger goin all dino-thunder on her ass.

  13. Deryn

    Suddenly, I’m wondering how much those (uber-classy!) dinky shorts everyone’s wearing cost them.

  14. kingpear

    I think they are both laughing at the fact that Karissa is actually a tranny.

  15. Charmless Man

    I can’t believe you ate an entire appetizer, fatty!

  16. gogogo

    I’m not taking a picture of you, bitch, I was trying to take a picture of David Hasselhof’s Walk of Fame star and you’re in the way.

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