1. Woof

    It’s a competition between her shirt and hair for most burnt out (PUNS!).

  2. It had to be said

    Isn’t this that girl Joey Buttafucko was nailing? Nice rack. Didn’t realize she was out of prison.

  3. doogleberg

    It took a while, but the unflattering photo of Isla Fisher is upon us. She’s a redhead, so it was just a matter of time.

  4. DeucePickle

    I thought we were done with all the Coachella photos

  5. You think Sasha nails her in character, as Borat?

  6. I’d still tear that apart… Even if I had to suffer the wrath of Paul Muadib.

  7. Undercover

    I prefer the Amy Adams version.

  8. Mizuno

    After all the Coachella pics, I’m fed up with rich celebrities dressing like they’re enrolled in a liberal arts college. Wearing 800 bracelets at once does not make you cool, you dumb bitch.

  9. You know how everybody has a crush that they know doesn’t make sense, but huge anyways? I would kick the shit out of my mom just to wipe this girls ass.

    I know.

  10. II’d hit it so hard, when I pulled out, they would make me King of England!

  11. cc

    Some splash cold water on that shirt!

  12. Charmless Man

    Damn! I want to heft those!

  13. castallare

    Oh thheeeerrree’s the British part…

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