1. Is she playing the Amazing Duckface Woman?

  2. SIN

    Just keep looking. Thats all you will ever get of me!

  3. doogleberg

    The sad part…as ugly as Emma Stone is she’s still 10000000000000000% hotter than Kirsten Dunst in the same role.

    • The Critical Crassness

      And you’re a 1000000000000000000000000% blinder than Stevie Wonder!

    • larrythefatcat

      And you’re 10000000000000000% dumb for not knowing what you’re talking about… she’s playing Gwen Stacy not Mary Jane Watson. *NERDGASM*

      Although it is interesting that two actresses who are usually redheaded (Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard) have played the blonde Gwen Stacy… I somehow didn’t think of that before.

  4. Somebody neeeeeeeds a hu-ug!

  5. Arzach

    They are doing the last shots, hopefully she is going to get back to her red hair soon, way hotter

  6. cc

    I am nowhere close to your hoo-ha Emma, no need to strike a defensive posture yet.

  7. vlad

    much hotter as a ginger, but I’d still go well out of my way to tap that….

  8. tlmck

    I think she is hot. She looks like a young Charlotte Ross in this photo. I would do both of them.

  9. Apparently not at all bothered that Spider Man cums out of his wrists

  10. Charmless Man

    I’m choosing to believe this expression means, “I’m on my way to your house to ride you silly, Charmless Man!”

  11. Johnny Lava

    @ stinky mcpoop … yea I see that too lol

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