1. EricLr

    He just walks around all day posing now.

  2. I feel the same way, dude. I also wish you could just leave.

  3. “Whatcha thinkin bout?” “Oh nuffin just Matthew Mcconaughey stuffs…”

  4. He went full retard again.

  5. Remember the signs of stroke, people.

  6. Katie

    credit where credit’s due…he does an excellent Terry Schiavo impression.

  7. downwithmuffins

    “Yes, that’s right sir! I am going to stand here exactly like this until you let me take my shirt off!” *pouts*

  8. Urvag

    Looks like he’s eating Gilbert’s Grape.

  9. Allison Wunderlan

    Proof positive that he should just stay naked.

  10. cc

    Rugby pants are back in? Fuck off.

  11. kirby

    “Now let me show how I get into a gay man’s character: first, dress like a call-back for Napoleon Dynamite, second recall the face you made when you mother caught you wanking off to a Sears Catalog.”

  12. Jezebel

    When did he transition from “hunk” to “creepy pedophilic gym teacher”?

  13. tlmck

    Overly enamored by a light bulb.

  14. jmc

    looks like jude law didn’t get the memo about pulling faces when the wind changes.

  15. JanGator

    Is Bernie the sequel to Rainman or something?

  16. Nobody

    Oh man I LOVE Steady Eddie!!

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