1. Are there seatbelts on carousels now? If so, are you serious?!

  2. Joe

    Isn’t unprotected pole-riding what got her in this condition?

  3. Wow. Talk about letting yourself go. She should switch to light beer, do some sit-ups, anything…..

  4. UKCF

    she’s so cute

  5. There was this one time, at band camp ….

  6. El Jefe

    Clearly she enjoys riding the baloney pony as evidenced by her belly.

  7. She must be waiting for Rosie O’Donnel ’cause that is one hell of a strap-on she’s wearing.

  8. CK

    Should’ve stuck with the flute, honey…

  9. fuckface

    Wouldn’t a coat hanger be quicker?

  10. cc

    If a Merry Go Round is a way to induce pregnancy someone should tell J Simp.

  11. Hollywood birthing fads are crossing the line.

  12. she’s gonna kill that horse

  13. dooood

    i like allyson but i feel like she is constantly kept pregnant like some dairy cow so she can keep producing milk or some shit.

  14. Alyson, you lied. You didn’t get that from a goddamned flute!

  15. Raaaaaaaa

    i feel like jessica simpson’s unborn child would enjoy this ride more, as at age 3 1/2years (despite still being in utero) she already posesses the cognitive and emotional capacity to register emotions such as “fun”

  16. Jonesy

    Those stripes not only make her look fat, they make the stallion look stupid and pony-like.

  17. her band camp days are over.

  18. I have genuine love for this woman. And anybody else from the Buffy /Angel cast. Shows were so fucking awesome.

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