1. Richard McBeef

    Two legged gold diggers are a lot tougher to catch than one legged ones.

  2. I love this photo for one reason: I get to imagine the face his ex-wife made when she saw it… Priceless….

    • Deryn

      My favorite part was reading in an article that he, his new wife, and his flower-girl-daughter Beatrice left the wedding together to go to the reception. I imagine Heather’s head exploded after that.

  3. Venom

    Gold digger with mob ties, this should end well…

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      She’s not a digger, she’s a Shevell

    • Venom

      He is a billionaire and she is not, so not possible.
      Her net worth is estimated at $35 million and even if she got all of her family’s money and it was not split up and divided amongst other people and estate tax applied and so on, she would still be worth under $400 million.

  4. “Sloth love Pippa!”

  5. Tuppy

    Paul McCartney. Pulling the exact same face for the cameras since 1964…

  6. “Why, no I’ve never heard ‘Instant Karma’…”

  7. Fester

    Congrats Sir Paul. Hopefully those stories his last wife told about him being an ogre don’t have a leg to stand on..

  8. I’m sure he checked the closet for left and right shoes on this one.

  9. The Brown Streak

    Dung Beetle.

  10. lolz

    I think he’s a great guy but an absolute muppet for getting married after what happened to him last time.

  11. Valley of the Gun

    I thought this woman married Prince William in Spring. I saw it on TV.

  12. Jill_Ess

    You just gave away the rest of your money, Paul, how does it feel?
    Me get sexy time tonight! Wheeeeee!

  13. vlad

    Good to see Angela Lansbury finding love…even for the third time

  14. “Finally, when I ask my wife to spread her legs she can actually spread both of them!”

  15. tlmck

    Fast forward 6 months. “Paul McCartney is recovering in a London hospital tonight after getting in an argument with his wife. He is suffering from two busted knee caps.”

  16. Dave Mustaine

    Is it just me or is Paul turning into Angela Lansbury?

  17. Hugh Jazz

    The Fool on the Hill.

  18. Steelerchick

    She loves me ya ya ya!!!!

  19. In the immortal words of The Beatles: “She Wants Money!”

    Or maybe that was Ratt…I get them confused.

  20. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….!!!!!!”

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