1. Cock Dr

    Money is the only reason any woman will have sex with that.

    • Richard McBeef

      Yes, technically “continued employment” translates as money.

    • Valley of the Gun

      He was once really hot, back in his heyday.

      • Cock Dr

        He had a fabulous backside but he was always a buttaface. Now he has become an orange sagging nightmare.
        I am inspired now for the Halloween jack-o-lantern carving coming later this month.

  2. pdan

    “So, wait…it IS a tumah?”

  3. drunkrussian

    this is the last expression you see before he rips your limbs off.

  4. Tsavo

    I think I can get this fart out without anyone noticing.

  5. “No tengas miedo al mero, las perras!”

  6. azgirlgoneeast

    he looks like a horny toad

  7. Ninjela

    He looks EXACTLY like the dramatic chipmunk.

  8. Fester

    Thanks Arnold. Usually we have to wait until the DUI to see a photo like this.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    …and this is your prostate on steroids

  10. Deryn

    Waiting for the McFeely tie-knot verdict.

  11. Lemmiwinks

    Arnold: “In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have licked that second toad…”

  12. Looks like he uses the same hair dye as Regis. And circus clowns.

    • Valley of the Gun

      I know what you mean, and they forgot to do his eyebrows. Do you think, he’s really grey all over?

  13. The Brown Streak

    “All I can think of now is getting a McRib at McDonalds.”

  14. zomgbie


  15. Swearin

    Someone just told him Colin Farell took over his role in Total Recall

  16. farting old man's wife

    I hope none of those other bitches I fucked come forward!!

  17. puddleduck

    if he strains any more to get that turd loose, he’s gonna blow those vessels on the side of his head

  18. “Go away. Can’t a guy have a stroke in peace?”

  19. The dude is 60 something years old now, honestly he hasn’t aged that badly (and probably had work done) but yeah…I’ve seen more mangled 60 year olds.

  20. lagrin

    while groping Jackie the nanny,
    Ahnoold comes to the realization that the nanny’s real name is Jack.

  21. He looks a lot like Bart Simpson these days.

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