1. So Brody Jenner left this for Avril Levine… Good move. Maybe next he can stop drinking water and start drinking rat poison…

  2. She must have one helluva mole on her back.

  3. Bonky

    I’m just here to show off my boobs, if you got any questions, ask the woman behind me.

  4. i want to fuck her ass her pussy……………

    then start all over again..

    and again…….

    and again..

    ………and again..

  5. The Brown Streak

    “Ever since I made that deal with the devil, I have this floating head following me everywhere.”

  6. vlad

    Who the hell is….oh look…boobies!

  7. noooooooo

    Woman in the background just realized with women like this around she’ll never get laid again.

    • it had to be said

      Oh, that’s totally untrue. After I get all hopped up trying to score Jayde Whatsherface and strike out I’d hump a ham. That woman has no worries.

  8. “I really must leave. I have an appointment to have my breasts counted.”

  9. God is Black

    look very,very closely to the left as there’s a hand with an Iphone talking a picture of her boobies for his/her enjoyment latter?

  10. Somebody call Affirmative Action Police! There’s a Caucasian female hijacking the Black Man Saying It All With His Eyes position on this picture!

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