1. Cock Dr

    Stop breeding now. We’ve got more than enough of your DNA spread all over CA.

  2. We keep hearing about his “other” babies but we never see them. I’ll be the first to say it: he ate them…

  3. Jill_Ess

    Time to work on losing that baby weight!

  4. They carry two of these; this one is for nachos.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What eats shoots and never really leaves?

  6. WE have a rough problem

    “real pimp has curves”

  7. Raoul

    Wow! He finally delivered that baby? Seems like he was pregnant for-ever!

  8. It’s filled with fried chicken.

  9. He looks like any other fat dad at K-Mart., except he got to fuck Britney Spears when she was hot, so deal with that, losers.

  10. Sin

    Can you believe it? I get paid to have kids!

  11. The Brown Streak

    I didn’t know they sold kids at Walmart. They really do have everything.

  12. “I hear that some of these discount stores will give you $2.49 a pound for fresh babies, on the hoof.”

  13. Helena Handbasket

    He looks awful when he puts on weight – some people look good with a few extra pounds, but he always looks like he’s in a Hollywood fat suit. Just ridiculous. I mean, congrats on the new kid, K-Fed.

  14. Tay

    To me it looks like he’s still pregnant.

  15. it had to be said

    You’re all haters, but he put a nice white scrunchie on, his new faux Dodgers hat, and HE feels beautiful.

  16. Dave Mustaine

    Chaz Bono (or whatever ‘HER’ name is) looks great in that pic.

  17. bdog821

    We’ll have to change his name to Over-Fed.

  18. Hugh Jazz

    Poo poo zow, indeed.

  19. Steelerchick

    K- well fed

  20. Dick Simmons

    Can someone explain to me how this fat fuck (who has been unemployed for how long now?) can actually afford the passel of kids he has?

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