1. I hate to say it, but she looks pretty, and really not like a whore at all.

  2. TomFrank

    It doesn’t look like her. Not shiny enough.

  3. Having already seen her “home movies” I can definitively say that wearing white is a bit of a stretch. Maybe yellow…

  4. Buddy the Elf

    As predicted, the wax figure looks more lifelike than the real thing.

  5. ktulu

    This whore is wearing white??? At least she should have gone with semen off-white

  6. rm

    what’s with the dress, did they run out of wax to make her ass?

  7. Codot

    Amazingly enough, that dress makes her ass look SMALLER.

  8. Squishy

    Good Lord…what candle are they going to make next and when can we light them?!

  9. AnnaDraconida

    I’ve seen fuckpuppets that look more lifelike.

  10. Skin tight fit.

  11. GuyLeDouche

    I see that Kim has opted to wear a fitted dress for her wedding…

  12. hbw

    Look kids, it’s Sextape Barbie!

  13. tlmck

    I think this is the old dress. Vera had to let the new one out a few more feet just this week.

  14. bbiowa

    If every Yankee Candle Co would just donate all current and future inventory, they could make one of Khloe as a bridesmaid.

  15. Alison

    They put her in a wedding gown because they couldn’t afford all of the wax it would take to form her ass.


    Awww its an angel, ain’t that how Satan started?

  17. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Brought to you by the same minds behind the John Holmes sitting at a desk statue.

  18. Now the big question: Which Kim has the better personality?

  19. shilla

    pffft didn’t realize this was the wax figure. haha

  20. Ismoss

    Ah, no wonder when I went to the car wash they had a sign up, “out of wax” must have used it all to make her ass.

  21. xoxo

    from wikipedia:
    “The name Cardassian refers to a humanoid race in Star Trek whose goal is to take over the universe, i.e., accelerated expansion. This race looks foreign to us and yet is made entirely of matter.”

  22. The Brown Streak

    Is this the new Doctor Who Dalek model?

  23. Melania

    Looks NOTHING like her at all.The skin tone is too light,the face is too long and thin and this thing is waaaaaaaaaay slimmer..or maybe not seeing her ass creates that kind of optical illusion??

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