1. Slash. I get it. Slash.

    Sigh. Is it time for this guy to leave yet?

  2. Squishy


  3. Squishy

    Halloween already??!

  4. He is not due for another two months. that’s by the Javis center. he must be registering for the NYCC.

  5. DeucePickle

    Who’s in charge of dressing this guy ?

  6. Your Gynecologist

    This guy reminds me of every lead singer from every band that ever played in a storage unit.

  7. Colin

    Jason Momoa as Gene Simmons as Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

  8. Jason, that is NOT how you perform The Shocker.

    This guy is fast turning into the male Lady Gaga.

  9. It may not be the shocker, but IT’S GONNA BRING YOU DOWN! HUAH!

  10. Lita

    Yes. The “I love you” sign is very edgy.

  11. Smuser

    I thought it was Jack Black

  12. enough already of this doofus.

  13. Mickey0123

    Look, it’s Willy Wonka!

  14. Liz

    Because nothing says “Conan the Barbarian” like a top hat and bottled water…

  15. We’re doomed!!! It’s the anti-Slash!!!

  16. KC

    I don’t know if this Conan/Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang crossover movie is going to work.

  17. Ismoss

    I bet the producers of the latest shit bag Conan movie must be thrilled seeing this guy walk around looking like retarded Mad Hatter the day before the movie comes out.

  18. Rough, license to ill

    Will this guy be in my superficial face all the time because he starred in a remake?

  19. dontlooknow

    Ok, now THAT is f**k-ed up!

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