1. Playing Joaquin Phoenix playing the part of a crazy person?

  2. TomFrank

    People are complaining about all the SkarsgĂ„rd pics, but I don’t understand the continuing fascination with the Jude Law pics day after day.

  3. Squishy

    Taking those happy little smurfs to a whole new dark level!

  4. The only thing that would make this picture scary is if he had a squeegee in one hand.

  5. Knee Grow

    “..sitting on a park bench…:

  6. Cock Dr

    He is uglifying himself up deliberately.
    Nice job making yourself completely unappealing & gross. Bravo.

  7. Well, at least he’s not Tweeting his pics all over the place. The paparazzi does it for him and the Superficial runs them ad nauseum.

  8. tlmck

    Fresh from the riots.

  9. ath_cliath

    Just try to take a picture of my receding hair line now bitches!!

  10. gumpadump

    Bam may get a tattoo but I take my Ryan Dunn tribute much more seriously.

  11. Mickey0123

    Is this his sexiest man alive photo?

  12. sc4play

    There’s that damn ‘satchel’ again! Looked like a purse last time and looks like one now!

  13. bbiowa

    Hey, Yukon Cornelius found his toque! Douse your nose and run like crazy…

  14. Liz

    Sure, he has a bad case of crazyface, but that’s what unbridled joy will do to you. Because no matter how bald he gets, there will always be nannies willing to bang him while his main golddigging, starhumping girlfriend is away.

  15. I see a complete strip, and cavity, search in Jude’s future, the next time he flies into the US of A.

  16. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Rough trade Gigolo Joe.

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