1. Johnny P!

    Looks like she’s ready to go door-to-door selling ‘Glamour Shots’ before calling it a day and playing tether-ball with Napoleon Dynamite.

  2. me

    the puff says albino version of snookie

  3. only whores wear the bandage dresses.

  4. Grand Poobah

    the tattoo says this must be a real class act

  5. Bonky

    Well, I guess they sell cheap chinese bandage dresses at Tescos now. Buy one, get one free.

  6. lily


  7. stacy

    Yet another tattooed tramp.

  8. tlmck

    Julianne Hough’s alter ego.

  9. Nobody

    Wait. Did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pursuit for happiness include giving her bandage dresses away?

  10. Blech

    *Say “breeeasts”!*

  11. “Which looks better, this dress or the blue one?”

  12. Napoupi

    Stop being mean ! That dress fits perfectly, and her skull is SHAPED like this.

  13. DarthBuddy

    “I can count to potato”

  14. CranAppleSnapple


  15. Crissy

    Wow, never seen a bandage dress fit this terribly. Wasnt this supposed to be like a miracle dress?

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