1. i’m having flashes of kilroy

  2. yello

    whats the point? just out topless

  3. it had to be said

    Linebacker body with bolt-on tits.

  4. Dick Hell

    Didn”t she use to be Areola Spice?

  5. Johnny P!

    So Liverpool has their own Kim Kardashian.
    The only differences:
    1) She speaks with a foreign accent (everything she says is still vapid tripe, of course)
    2) She gets paid for being a waste of space in pounds, not dollars
    3) she’s a “Human Loo”, not a “Human Urinal”

  6. BlackAnd.White.Minstrel

    There’s big and then there’s barnacles mistaking you for a boat

  7. Her boobs are like a venus fly trap of sexuality.

  8. Bonky

    Mostly, when I see a hint of aureola, I am not reminded of the Frankenstein monster, mostly.

  9. Is that areola? If that’s areola, she has like B tits that have been super manipulated to look like D’s. So she has a linebacker body with bolt-on SMALL tits.

  10. lily

    bulky gross body. go to the gym honey.

  11. Throjo

    Everyone relax, it’s just a piece of pepperoni off the pizza she had for lunch.
    Last week.

  12. Jenny Penny

    She looks like all of the Kardashians superimposed on each other.

  13. Grand Poobah

    severe manface with bolt ons,, just one short look at it wants to wilt, who could find this attractive?

  14. WSack

    WHY do these halfwits insist on wearing dresses that are TOO SMALL in the bust? She looks like crap!

  15. Colin

    Who decided it was a good idea to genetically engineer a cross between Kim Kardashian and Snooki? I’d blame Ryan Seacrest, but I don’t think he’d ever have a plan that involves that much cleavage.

  16. DarthBuddy

    I didn’t think it was possible for Snooki to let herself go anymore than she has… oh, wait…

  17. G Spot Finder

    Snooki Kardashion???????

  18. bigalkie

    Jesus Christ .. The end is near

  19. Crissy

    Ok, I’ve never been so turned off about a nip slip!…

  20. spartacus


  21. What’s she desperate for? Double sided tape?

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