1. yello

    still hot

  2. GeorgeWBush

    You sure this isn’t another lame shot of Pippa?

  3. Wow. Usually when chicks pop a couple kids out, the complete OPPOSITE happens to their ass.

  4. This is the part she talks out of.

  5. her ass never looks good. imho.

    • yho seems to be on heavy drugs. I like ‘em big and round alright, but that little tushy is poetry.

    • Blech

      Come on, sandycakes. Looks better than your ass!

      Looks better than my ass which, I will report, has grown a little. This is fantastic news.

  6. Grand Poobah

    ass is ugly, what are these jeans doing to it, looks a bit like elevator ass

  7. Bonky

    If she was British, she would be the Kim Kardashian of the UK.

  8. El Jefe

    Definitely not Pippa. Yum.

  9. Hey, Photo Boy–

    We know you work hard and try your damnedest to give us great pix to peruse, but these pix from behind are actually pretty much useless. The caption says “Jessica Alba”, but for all we know, that’s Natalie who works down the street at the deli. Just sayin’…

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