1. Valerie


  2. doni

    wow, what a bunch of saints! taking 6 whole days off from talking about themselves on twitter? BARF. get over yourselves.

  3. Joe Normal

    Thank god they’re fine, I was so worried.

  4. Marley


  5. Maplewood

    I think a stronger message would have been to give them AIDS. It might not have done anything for people who already have it, but it would free up some bandwidth.

  6. Mena

    The saddest part is 39 fools retweeted this crap!

  7. Brooke

    I would have donated money to keep them off Twitter. They had their campaign backwards.

  8. DMak

    Here I was hoping they were actually dead. Thank goodness they could come back and tell us about abso-f*ckin-lutely nothing. Self serving pricks.

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