1. Dox

    I guess they didn’t have time let her graze before taking her out of the stable.

  2. Even carnivores have to eat grass now and then when they need to throw up.

  3. 10 zillion smoking hot young chicks get off the bus in Hollywood every damned day, and they put this one on the teevee?

  4. JimBB

    Interesting tidbit, cows actually have four stomachs.

  5. rican

    I wonder if that elephant gets shot as well.

  6. “Poor thing’s been like that ever since the produce truck hit her…”

  7. ” I never knew cows could have strokes?”

  8. fiona

    no kidding, I thought this was Britney at first

  9. “Well, you tell Solo if he doesn’t have my money I’m going to kick his ass myself! Look! He may have been able to jerk around my dad Jaba, but he isn’t going to eff with me!”

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