1. crb

    Seagal is the least-badass person in that shot.

  2. JimBB

    I spend 20 years in the dregs of the KGB, 5 years of holding Boris Yeltsin’s head while he vomited, then I survive several attempts on my life as President….and THIS is my reward???

  3. Eric

    1 minute later Vladimir Putin gets a wedgie.
    2 minutes later, Steven Seagal “moves” to Siberia, … forever.

  4. yourmom

    You thinking what I’m thinking….?

  5. What happens in Russia stays in Russia.

  6. anonymous

    Got an entire women’s Russian gymnastics squad in front of him but Steven makes “F–k me eyes” guy.

  7. Art Crow

    “Did you…?”
    “I did.”

  8. Segal: (laughing) “Dude! I’m the biggest star they could get!”

  9. As the Russian President does everything he can to eradicate homosexuals, two men put everything on the line for love.

    Coming this fall, on Lifetime: Putin Up the Good Fight

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