1. wb

    Better picture and she could have won it.

    • this is the hottest picture here and you want a better one????

    • @pancakeslover….Jesus…you missed wb’s point! There’s no question it’s a fucking hot picture of a beautiful woman in a sexy pose. The point was it was a picture she took and entered for the contest…and she could have won the contest if she had worked to take and submit a better picture because she had what it took to win…and it sucks that she didn’t submit something better – for her own sake (and ours).

      • (continuing)…the fact she didn’t even make the top 25 cut speaks for itself. This could have been hers to loose. It’s too bad.

      • boyingcruz


        pancakeslover did not miss the point. He merely expressed his fondness of the picture, by describing it as “the hottest”, and told wb off for suggesting that it could have been better, by calling him a dick.

    • …I think both wb and I are saying that there isn’t anything wrong with the pose itself…it’s HOT. I think both of us (and others) are saying that with a little better lighting, and DEFINITELY a better resolution setting on the camera (the pic is really grainy) that Fish probably would have selected it for the contest. Fish was careful to only select pictures for the contest that were of good enough quality to be in the banner. It really sucks that Fish didn’t select it – probably for those reasons. That’s what we are saying!

      • Viv

        Yeah, I also think her pic got discarded for tal those reasons you mention, and it really is a shame, I mean I suppose a picture with better resolution and lighting belongs in the banner.

        That said, I really think that the light and resolution is exactly what make this pic so great, the light behind her, from a window I guess, falls on her back and creates a beautiful line all the way from her shoulders to her butt. The rest of her body is “concealed” in the shade.

        The grainy image looks like a “veil” trying to hide her body and failing completely at it. This is a feast for the eyes.

    • cd

      agree….if you’re going to take a pic in low light, know how to do it. she’s clearly very hot

  2. Dave

    I’d kill for a girl like this

  3. barkerman

    Very sexy.

  4. JT

    Wow… yeah, better quality picture and this could have won or at least been in the finals. Nice booty.

  5. NOpe

    Ok, wow…should have won over the current choice.

    Damn I’m in Austin: My “New Mission” track down this young lady (or one just like her).

    • Skroonk

      Way to announce your stalker intentions. A shitty stalker too since you announced your location. Please don’t procreate.

  6. Nick

    Silvia from Austin….OMFG. If there is a God, there will be more picks of Silvia. What a great picture of a wicked body.

    Silvia, if you are reading this, we are meant for one another. I just know it.

  7. Viv

    Why didn’t she make it to the final? This is a very nice pic, I would have voted for her over the winner girl!

    Erin is nice, too nice for the site. This girl is sexy, sweet, raw, incledibly arousing, and she pulls it off without looking slutty…perfect for this site.

    Please don’t call me a lesbian, I just appreciate a fellow woman’s looks. We are beautiful and this girl is evidence of that

    • uhh..

      “she pulls it off without looking slutty”

      hello? she got naked for attention? how is that NOT slutty again?

      • Just sayin

        I know seeing so much skin may give you “funny feelings” but nakedness does not always equal “slutty” and “looking for attention.” This is what we in the non-Amish world call a tasteful shot. The lines are graceful and the whole image is just completely gorgeous. If the resolution had been better, I would have voted for this in a heartbeat.

    • @Just sayin…Very well said!

    • Vito

      WELL I FUCKING HATE HER…she’s way too fat and probably has a dirty toenail.

      JUST KIDDING…just thought I’d entere a dissenting opinion even though I’m lying through my teeth. She’s fucking gorgeous. And perfect.

  8. AT

    I can tell thats a nice ass even from this view

  9. Meloveyoulongtime

    21, 36, 39 (on the full size list).

  10. Meloveyoulongtime

    Best: #21, 36 and 39 (on the full sized list)

  11. Laurens

    ART. you are truly beautiful.

  12. wow… I could seriously just bite her ass.

  13. No.


  14. Motorboat Captain

    If she’d positioned her body roughly parallel within the frame this would have been the perfect pic to crop into a banner.

  15. pancakeslover

    Viv, I’m with you on that last one #40

  16. bassackwards

    Well, clearly your taste in women SUCKS!!
    Since looking at both parts 1 and 2, and comparing these women to the ones YOU selected for us to choose from, I think I would rather have had a monkey dong the picking. There were WAY hotter girls in these 2 parts than the ones you selected to be voted on…..

    I am VERY disappointed……..

  17. Adam


  18. #9 of all Non-Contestants

  19. Old Dude

    Picture #38 is one of my favorite. Man I remember being young and having an ass like that next to me. My favorite thing to do after “womp womp time” was just run my hand down the small of her back and feel that soft skin at the top of her tush…oh to be a young dude again….you young punks better enjoy it while you can because one day your gona wake up with a wife who hasn’t worn sexy panties in years and a kid hitting your head with his hot wheels at 6am!!!!! Getting old sucks unless your Hugh Heffner!

    • Viv

      Aww, you’re not getting old, you’re passing your legacy! you have been born again in you kid and you are able so witness it. (yeah sounds like crap, but it’s better than “getting old sucks”)

      It also seems that you favor butt over boobs, cheer up! the butt does not get as saggy as the boobs, and if it gets bigger, well, better no? there’s more of it to grab! And even if your wife does not wear sexy underwear I am sure the skin at the top of the tush is really soft.
      It definetly not the same but hey, at this age we take what we can get.

    • Old Dude 2

      @Old Dude – One of the best posts ever. Man can I relate. So glad I did enjoy the uber-hotties to the fullest when I was younger because no regrets now. Have a hot wife with a great rack and a little extra all over with age and wouldn’t trade her for anything. But what helps that to be true is loving that I am able to close my eyes and run through the mental bank of the notches on the belt and smile. Youngsters – live it to the fullest while you can – trust us.

  20. jok

    Cool macbook picture way professional

  21. fuckityfuck


  22. Mel

    You guys rock!!! at almost in my 30s I could only agree… with life comes age, and man, to be this young and hot again… I would never get plastic surgery, but damn, it can be tempting!! I think she’s hott!! Rock it girlie!!

  23. cc

    Please! Someone! Get more pictures of Silvia from Austin. She’s perfect!!!

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