1. Andriiya

    Might have won if she had someone take the picture at a better angle and not in a bathroom.

  2. NOpe

    Again missed opportunity. She should have asked me to take the picture.

  3. If Showgirls II was being filmed in a trailer park, she’d be the star.

  4. Steve

    Nice hair.

  5. I like her! She’s cute, has a tight little body with a great little rack, a hint of a really cute ass, a really pretty face, and great hair. And although she looks like she’s a real down-to-earth sweetheart – she also looks like when the bedroom door closed – she’d become the tastiest little slut for you (I mean that as a compliment by the way). Too bad she wasn’t able to take a better quality picture because she could have been a contender.

  6. Noneya

    Love her naturally curly hair!

    shoulda had someone take the pic…

    she coulda beena contender

  7. AT

    Very good looking, nice (natural) boobs

  8. Seri…it seems unanimous. We’re loving you out here! Next time – you’ll have plenty of volunteers (I’m at the front of the line by the way) to come take your picture for you so you can just concentrate on being you fine ass self and giving me the best pose you’ve got! We’ll spend as much time as it takes till we get it right – and have the picture that guarantees you the win next time. ;-)

  9. duder


  10. #3 of all Non-Contestants

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