1. wb

    Less turtleneck and clean the camera lens.

  2. K

    Very pretty, clean cut, and classic.

  3. @K – was trying to articulate my thoughts on this one…you nailed it….I agree completely!! Refreshing change of pace.

  4. Steve

    She’s got that sexy librarian vibe going on.

  5. This pic was jacked from a Russian brides site.

  6. AT

    way too innocent looking

  7. Wow… so… beautiful…

  8. mimsy

    You could be a Target model!

  9. C

    She’s too naturally beautiful for this site. She doesn’t compare to the other girls because she actually has beauty and class

  10. teabagger

    She looks almost exactly like Aurora Snow. A prettier, less semen/saliva covered & gaggy version or course, but the resemblance is striking.

  11. Just sayin

    Well, I’m inlove. So perfectly and beautifully refreshing after the horrible barrage of trashy my eyes just suffered through in this gallery. Wearing a turtleneck for a tittay-obsessed site, nice touch.

  12. Bill Compton

    4/10 Next!

  13. sd

    i don’t think turtleneck is sexy ever.

    • Just sayin

      Are you kidding me? turtlenecks make boobs look HUGE. perfect, soft, round things. Maybe full turtlenecks are a bit much but still.

  14. ron

    way too classy and you don’t deserve this one, just my opinion

  15. lko

    bad eye makeup but interesting

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