1. wb

    Um, no.

  2. AnnymousError

    Jeez. What is wrong with women these days. Ugh. These pictures are mostly pathetic and depressing but this one is really awful.

  3. probably the worst…no wait…last one of 1st batch has that honor.

  4. buttfuck


  5. NOpe

    Oh god….don’t point at me, I’m uncomfortable….I don’t even want to make eye contact with a photograph.

  6. Tony

    Man hands!!!! Plus she looks like Amy Winehouse’s cracked out older sister.

  7. Eww

    Good god no. I said, GOOD GOD NO!!!!

    Tattoos = ugly
    teeth = ugly
    face = ugly
    You = ugly

  8. I’d sooner spank it to Jared from Subway taking it from Ben Stein.

  9. gigi

    such an animated & spunky beauty….. ha

  10. lola

    what is going on with her hands?

  11. Just sayin

    teeth, hair,eyebrows,bad tat job,hands…W.T.Fuck?

  12. ane

    looks like a mexican Amy Winehouse LOL

  13. the man

    epic fail

  14. Bill Compton

    Not great, but I bet she would be an absolute animal in the sack.

  15. sd

    you’re kiddin, right ?

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