1. Can never get enough of the rare ginger types.
    And that looks like a genuine ginger, not from a bottle.
    Mallory, come on over & help me pick corn.

  2. NOpe

    I like that its different!

  3. Noneya

    mmm, a true Ginger…

  4. Lynna

    This girl (and shot) are both gorgeous.

  5. Kay

    This picture is amazing, but it’s not really right for the contest.

  6. juggnuttz

    mmmmm love me a redhead.

  7. Jade

    I like this picture, but I agree, she’s not suitable for the competition. She looks like a natural girl instead of a superficial one with a cloud of makeup and hairdye follwowing her around everywhere she goes. Pretty gal though.

  8. she looks like kat dennings.

  9. lko

    sorry but pale skin and red hair is just so GROSS, but she has potential

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