1. Wow Fish…GREAT Batch!!!!

  2. What a nice invitation!!!

  3. JT

    Classy lady.

  4. eatme

    o hell yes. thank god someone is willing to take a chance and have a little personality. hot as hell too. if you are criticizing this one it is certainly because you are fat, ugly, lazy and suck in bed. seriously, assess yourself.

    • chelsea

      hahaha i love you

    • @eatme. I agree completely. Any male reader would give their left nut be staring at this beautiful girl as she presented him this “come get me” open invitiation. I love how bold and playful she was with her picture. And she is sexy as hell.

  5. FlyingMonkey

    Last in line for the gang bang: 1-2-3 not it!!

  6. AnnymousError

    American Apparel reject.

  7. Richie Rich

    stupid bitches….none of them even got acknowledged till the contest was over…now i will jack off to their failing faces with a grinch smile!

    • How rude.
      These women are all (mostly) beautiful & wonderfully audacious.
      Good luck Dildo Girl & all the rest! Thanks for sharing your Photoshopped charms.

  8. caligrrl

    Wow. Classy!

  9. Me

    That is the sluttiest bitch I have EVER SEEN!

  10. Tes

    Awesome concept. The icing on the cake would be knowing what kind of disgusting, hateful, vicious, and thus wonderful things these girls are thinking about each other.

  11. cookie

    god, some of you guys are such haters. i LIKE her!! i was getting sick of half-face boob shots (i know, i know, profile shots were requested). but i appreciate her creativity and her willingness to fucking go for it.

    also, i think she’s SUPER cute. i think i have a girl crush.

  12. Gross tattoo.

    But that growth on her foot… sexy.

  13. cc

    Tattoos bad. Framing of the picture…worse. How would it be to get 6 inches of the top and 6 more at the bottom. Stupid photographer.

  14. Lauren

    This looks like part of a tryout for an American Apparel ad. That would consist of 1. a full body shot in compromising position
    2. screwing Dov Charney

  15. olive

    I bet she looks like shit standing up, and the edit is done the way it is because she also has a dick. Ha Ha Ha !!!!! He He He !!!!!

  16. jimi

    nasty . . . and desperate.

  17. missywissy

    The last one would have been a cool banner. Oh well.

  18. Ouch, this one caught me off guard …there’s no need to pose like an infant getting its ass wiped-down when you have the face of an angel.

    When exactly did class go out of style? Oh yeah …the arrival of Paris Hilton.

  19. pr

    She has a really pretty face. weird red sore on her foot too, and does that tramp stamp have a bird in it?

  20. Darth

    I’m just checking the photos here like i’m checking a Russian bride site lol.

  21. I hereby dub Cyndle “Thighs Portman”, and proceed to drool a little.

  22. The Woman

    She looks like her pussy smells….

  23. s

    her mom must be very proud.

  24. C

    Yea, I must say, her whole family must just be beaming with pride… I know I’d be! “Look at my beautiful daughter posing like a whore slut and posting in a competition for all the pedofiles and perverts to jack off to”. She’s obviously beautiful AND smart

  25. Kimberly

    That spread eagle girl totally did not read the guidelines on posing…

  26. drewjewaw

    The way the gallery shows you all of them then cuts down to just five of them sucks.

  27. kristin

    wow. i know you will all hate me for this, but this is actually kind of a cute pic, and her face is pretty. is does look like an american apparel ad. heehee

  28. The IT Girl

    I love her pose! No one else did it! And it’s sexy, and not showing too much. It gives you the right amount of everything, without giving you too much! That’s what being a superficial banner girl is about. Being overtly sexy, and sexual!

  29. duder

    She makes an Annie Sprinkle performance art presentation look subtle.

  30. one legged

    photography at its best

  31. teabagger

    I think she’s pretty hot – would love to see this not cropped. Great face, nice rack, great legs, and very flexible. Hot hot hot.

  32. Jade

    Can’t deny she looks good. And it’s harder than it looks to do what she does in that picture. That said, with her flexibility, she could have picked something else to do. Something that would make her suitable for the banner, for an instance.

  33. Sassyfrass

    Looks like Shakira.

  34. sahara

    i wanna fuck her but i haven’t got a dick….what??

  35. #8 of all Non-Contestants

  36. lko

    pretty girl

  37. Burt

    Damn, some of those pictures are a lot better than the ones you picked for us to vote on.

  38. The Appraiser


    the contest is about class not ass

  39. whosbeenknocking

    I’d like to put Cyndle on my banner.

  40. Ron Burgandy's Ballsack

    Lots of great wacking material. I should hold banner contests..

  41. stopTHEpress

    Wow, I bet Cyndle is SMART.

  42. Toxic

    Wow, I hate it when women do this in pictures and in porn… it reminds me of a baby getting changed. NOT SEXY AT ALL, NO THANK YOU. (she is pretty though)

    BTW, I’m a chick.

  43. StayPuft Overlord

    Does anyone want a glass of Fresh Florida Squeezed Foot?! FOOOOOT Foot Foot WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER Foot!

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