1. is there a penis on her forehead?

  2. steve

    holy shit

    giant asian boobs ftw

  3. I wonder if those are her guitars..?

  4. raekwon

    Like a diamond plucked from the mine, is there anything better than the rare big boobed asian?

  5. Samjo

    I’m with jfmiller52, wtf is on her forehead? Maybe there IS a penis on her forehead, which would make her an EVEN RARER big boobed asian….oh the possibilities!

  6. Hot

    Hot except for the star on her forehead!

  7. Mel Gibson

    I’m calling immigration.

  8. Cobra

    Ladies and gents, we have aureola!

  9. sammy2fingers

    Anyone else notice her silver dollar areola peaking out on the pict on the right? Nip slip always wins in my book!

  10. Ida

    Why is there a star on her face??

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