1. Teri

    I think she’s really pretty!

  2. Iowan

    Milf, my ass.

  3. mememe

    Photoshop much?

  4. SK

    Her face has been so photoshopped it looks like an illustration (and she still isn’t pretty).

  5. Zomg

    It’s a pretty good painting of a woman. What’s that, its a photo of one?

  6. Noneya

    where’s her a$$ ?


  7. nictople

    Hello, Sears Catalog.

  8. Mel Gibson

    Old lady.

  9. GUY

    id fuck her

  10. emmaleigh

    this girl is pretty. its funny to see all the haters hiding behind their keyboards. she’s prettier than anyone writing a hateful comment and any guy writing one could NEVER get this chick in a MILLION years without a roofie!

  11. misogyny_please?

    lets face it, you made some shitty editorial decisions :)

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