1. dr. rocktopus

    wow, how did the fat klan girl not win…hahaha


  3. mel gibson’s next baby’s mom

  4. Cindy Elmwood


  5. jhgfd

    hahahahaha.. sooooo funny. i love her.

  6. now i ain’t saying she a klan member, but she ain’t messing with no pack of n*****s (see what i did there? i feel dirty…)

  7. JBallz

    Can’t stop laughing! Best one in the bunch!

  8. Fati87

    Hahah. At least this one has a sense of humour.

  9. xx

    LOL, how did this not get nominated! Mel would have voted for it

  10. the girl in the photo

    Thanks for all the comments. I figured I would not be picked but I couldn’t help but send this in. I’m one of the original KKK joksters on chatroulette which this was screen shot from.

    Thanks for the love

    (no i’m not racist but my cat is)

  11. shalala

    maybe i just can’t take a joke or whatever but… people of color could actually be offended by this shit.. just so you know some people of color do read your site. you post a bunch of racist shit and this really takes the cake.

  12. the girl in the photo

    this shit totally made my day

  13. IronMan

    I want to see your titties Kitty!

  14. 6uldv8

    Farkin awesome Kitty!

  15. not a fan of this. wrong on so many levels. think we could have done without seeing this. come on fish. you disappointed me by including this one. don’t see the humor, and I worry about those that do. maybe we could have a companion photo of a big titted chick in a Auschwitz guard nazi uniform giving a thumbs up in front of a photo of a pile of bodies.

  16. fap

    Oh come on, this is funny. @BillyMack thar – stop trying to make people all sensitive about race shit when someone is clearly just making a fucking joke.


    LAME, yawns

  18. KKK = Kinky Klan Kleavage..

  19. Lucion

    Those are DUDES!!!

  20. GUY

    This fat bitch Wins!!!

  21. Fan of Kinky Klan Kleavage

    I love how some of you are offended by some types of discrimination but not others… this site is devoted to all kinds of discrimination in the name of a good joke, yet you are cool with all of that. But we can’t make jokes about one, single kind of racism? Whatever. You suck. Love you Klan-Tits!

  22. WTF does this have to do with discrimination? We’re not bitching about someone making fun of a minority or even using a racial expletive – we’re expressing a sincere discomfort about posting a photo with people in KKK gear – and organization whose SOLE PURPOSE is to “terrorize” minorities into submission through lynchings, cross burnings, etc. Although I personally despise discrimination – I know what I am in for when I visit this site so can roll my eyes with the best of them when I see it and just move on for the next tittie shot. But this bothers me because when I see this, I’m not seeing tits, I’m seeing someone who has no sensitivity for how – in the minds of many people – this image brings to mind people swinging from trees at the end of a rope. Hate on me if you want, but it just indicates you also have no sensitivity to the deep emotions KKK images can create.

    • …and whose to say that since the KKK is of such interest to the two people in this picture that they themselves aren’t actually members – in which case Fish has posted a picture of people who have either condoned or even actively participated in a cross burning, lynching, dragging of someone behind their car, etc. That’s what’s making me ill.

    • eatme

      “and organization whose SOLE PURPOSE is to “terrorize” minorities into submission through lynchings, cross burnings, etc.”

      this is simply not true. the kkk was formed proper after the civil war, a war that the south lost. the kkk was in fact an organization formed by “patriots” (as many in the south saw it). while I KNOW that the kkk has done horrible things to minorities especially, there absolutely have been many members historically who joined this “terrorist organization” to do their part as patriots to help diminish northern control of the south. While I do believe that justification becomes less meaningful each passing year past the civil war, to the point now where it is just silly, it did have SOME legitimacy. Nothing is black and white, not even the kkk.

      • eatme

        EVERY time there is a war, there is a lingering insurgency after the fact. The civil war was certainly no exception. The “winners” do nothing put shine a lite on the negative aspects of such an insurgency: “terrorists” we call them. I mean shit, would you be saying anything if they were dressed as the French underground? Or al-Qaeda? Or the US army?

      • eatme

        …or the black panthers?

      • You make an intelligent argument and I can see your point. I would counter that the same argument could be made that the nazi party was created and largely supported my German patriots as a response to having lost WWI and the repression imposed upon them (just like southern whites after the Civil War). But not too many people would argue the point that the Nazi party grew from that into a disgusting nightmare – and is something today which most people view as disgusting – despite the intitial reason for it’s creation. My argument is that the images of people glorifying the KKK is similar in nature to many people. But again, I can see your point, and will agree to disagree.

      • AnnymousError

        Way to show the internet how wise and academic you are. The bottom line is that the majority of the readers of celebrity gossip sites were not History majors at podunk university- and that KKK, in large and CURRENTLY in American culture, represents something extremely negative. Do you think the bitch in this photo flapping her saggy, tired tits knows anything about this history of the KKK beyond the fact that they used to terrorize and kill minorities? I highly doubt it. Its not funny, it’ll never be funny and if she’s reading these comments she should be ashamed of herself for her ignorance and disgraceful display of “femininity” through her aged and undesirable breasts. The only plus side here is that we don’t have to look at her face because Im sure it’s just as ugly as her tits and her personality.

  23. HLM

    I bet Mel would have voted for this one.

  24. eatme

    I don’t disagree with you. It’s obviously a touchy subject, and most people who lampoon the kkk do so only for the superficial and hurtful reasons that you suggest. I just think that it is unfortunate that this, coupled with our desire to look away from contentious issues, leads to an ignorance about our collective past. And yes, this also goes for the Nazi party, an entity that did become something horrific (even though it did always have nasty in it), but has so much we can learn from it: what NOT to do AND what TO DO, that you kind of have to take this thing with it in order to keep the “conversation going”. Did being in the Nazi party mean that you were a monster? Hell no (although there certainly were some). But don the fatigues and you are branded a Jew hater. Put on a British Red Coat and it’s all good though, right?

    • @eatme
      again…very good points…and I am in complete agreement about how unfortunate it is for so many to be ignorant about our history. I am a huge history buff and assure you I am well educated on the history of the Klan, the Civil War, the south, reconstruction, etc. I’m curious – have you ever seen the classic silent movie “Birth of a Nation”? I saw it a few months ago and found it (and the history and controversy) of the movie absolutely fascinating. I was enthralled at how it depicted exactly the points you are making, how the central protagonists in the movie are the southern whites who form the KKK and who are shown in a positive light, and how beloved the movie was in it’s time to the point it was the highest grossing movie for years and was often regarded by critics as the greatest American movie ever made until the beginning of the Civil Rights era. I was fascinated with how it’s director D.W. Griffith, and it’s star Lillian Gish, were stunned by later controversies about the film. I found the experience of watching it, contemplating it (and it’s controversy) in context to it’s time, something very enlightening…much in the same way you are advocating having an open mind about. If you’ve never seen it, I’d recommend it highly to you because I think you’d appreciate it.

      OK…enough of this deep intelligent talk…WHERE’S THE TITTIES???

      • eatme

        I know of its controversy but somehow always managed to avoid watching it. sad that I have never seen it, but now I am certainly going to. thx for the chat.

  25. buttfuck


  26. Either “Boob Bux Blan” or “Phantom of the Trailera”.

  27. lko

    picture not as interesting as the comments posted here, wow, lots of ignorance

  28. sickoflin

    Holy Klanwoman Batman!! thats just wrong, bad, tasteless and wrong……

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