1. how was she not a finalist?

  2. WowShesHot

    I’d let her pee on me!

  3. Very Sexy!!! Looks like a take charge girl who would take matters into her own hands…I just hope she continued looking me deep into my eyes as she was doing it!!!

  4. Mike Walker

    Enhance the pic in Photoshop and you can see some wicked cameltoe. If only she had used better lighting….

  5. Be-Bop

    Very nice!

  6. WowShesHot

    Now…seriously….how much do I have to pay to see her naked!

  7. spfan

    too old, and looks like she would have a hairy ass.

  8. Pbhat

    So good to be true. Really sexxxxxy. Wanna lick her pu..y.

  9. Aida

    LOL! Loving it

  10. #7 of all Non-Contestants

    • Aida

      Ooh, appreciate it ;)

      • Top 10 Non-Contestants

        Aida – Although I have you as #7…if I was to rank in terms of who I’d most want to hook up with, have as a gf, etc. – you’d be #1. I mean it. You are not only incredibly sexy, but exotic, seem genuine and down-to-earth with an out-of-this-world attitude, and (best of all) seem like a lot of fun. Any way to get a message to you off this site? (facebook, email, other?). BTW…the 3rd post (7:35) is me.

  11. sickoflin

    she aint got no rent money

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